ifuckinglovebatman said: Hi, I was wondering if you would be able to recommend a purple lipstick that leans a bit more towards the berry side? Preferably something matte, or anything without a shimmer. I'm quite pale with pink undertones, and I appreciate any help you can give me! :]

The right purple lipstick is always hard to find, most of the time the matte ones seem to have shimmer. Manic Panic brought out a really cute purple around halloween time but it was shimmery.
I have heard sephora do a matte purple but i’m yet to try it (it’s super hard to get their products here in australia)

Illamasqua do have some beautiful lipsticks however :) 
(I like ‘fetish’)

I like to wear matte purple lips alot, the easiest way for me is just applying some lip balm first to moisturise, and then lining and filling my whole lip with an NYX liner. (Preferbly shades ‘Plum’, ‘Prune’ or  my favourite is ‘Deep purple’)

I’m forever on the hunt for the right purple so i’ll keep y’all updated when i discover it! xoxox 

Friday Apr 4 @ 03:37pm

thegimpwhale-deactivated2011042 said: Is there latex in all eye lash glue? I wanted to buy MAC duo adhesive but I'm allergic to latex, will it effect me? I'mm fine with using the glue you get with lashes xx

Most lash glues will state if they are latex based or not, I prefer to use them for myself but just to be safe you should probably steer clear of them. Just always check the ingredients :) 
Just check up on what you’ve been using, if it DOES contain latex, then you know you’ve been fine with it haha! 

Friday Apr 4 @ 03:32pm

Anonymous said: Hey babe!
I'm looking for a red lipstick, and i have a medium olive yellowish skintone, can you recommend me one?

Warm and orange based tones will suit your skin type best. 
Even though I recommend it a lot, ive never seen a girl with olive skin that didn’t suit Mac’s Ruby Woo.
If matte isn’t your thing, Revlon Red is really great for your skin type, too!


Thursday Mar 3 @ 07:33am

na-m8-deactivated20140324 said: hey! i live on the gold coast - any reccomendations to find brands like occ, hellcat, nyx, e.l.f. etc around here? also, it was lovely meeting you at the illamasqua counter a while ago. but seriously, the closest place i can find occ is in brisbane but they only sell normal lippy colour lip tars and honestly i can't be fucked.

Oh I recall you! Hehe :) Sorry I was under pressure so much that day, one of the managers from England was watching me like a hawk so I couldn’t chat properly :p

I do buy most of my stuff online because it’s usually cheaper anyway. I buy my o.c.c tars from an online store overseas so i’m not much help there!
As for the rest, Crush Cosmetics usually has those brands :)

xxxxx thanks for the message girlie 

Thursday Mar 3 @ 07:28am

thelifeof-finn said: Your blog is algebraic

Thats a compliment, right? Haha!

Thursday Mar 3 @ 07:26am
Best of the best: Makeup brands that I dig!

Here’s a few of my favourite goodies.

For liquid foundations, try: Laura Mercier, Giorgio Armani, Clinique, Illamasqua, or even Revlon. (I really dig their ‘Photo-Ready’ range)

For powder foundations, try: Illamasqua, Mac, and most of all NYX!

For lipsticks, try:  Mac, NYX, Illamasqua, Revlon, Chi Chi, Nars and YSL.

For bright lip colour, try:
OCC lip tars! you’ve probably heard a lot of gurus ranting about how great these are, and you betta believe it, gurl! Also, Illamasqua Intense glosses are to die for!

For lip liners, try:
NYX! I don’t  use anything else. They’re affordable, great to wear, great to apply and have a kickass colour range!
For lip gloss, try: Mac lip glasses! Or Illamasqua Sheer gloss.

For blushes, try: Mac, Nyx, Nars or dior!

For brows, try: Nyx powder, Elf powder or Rimmel pencils!

For mascara, try: MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE! Cheap and kickass, Rimmel sexy curves!

For lash adhesive, try: Duo or Lashgrip! Nothing works better than latex-based.

For false lashes, try: Mac, Red cherry or Ardell. 

For nail polishes, try: Mac, Eyeko, OPI, China Glaze, or Barry M.

For gel eyeliners, try: Mac fluidline!

For liquid liners, try: Eyeko, Rimmel, Milani, NYX or Urban Decay.
For pencil liners, try: Mac, NYX, or eyeko!

For eye-shadow primer, try: Urban decay, Elf or NYX.

For eye-shadows, try: (ALOT, but my most used are) Nyx, MAC, Urban Decay, Nars, Illamasqua, Smashbox, Elf, Lancome. 

I’ll keep you updated with more products such as brushes, contouring powders and creams, concealers and more soon!

Hope this helps a lot of you!


Wednesday Mar 3 @ 04:11pm

lightscapade said: I'm looking for a tinted moisturiser for summer but I have oily skin, do you have any recommendations?

Laura Mercier have beautiful products, especially for your skin type.

This is a personal favourite of mine.


Wednesday Mar 3 @ 03:36pm

whenrealityhitsyouhard said: Hi, I have bought over the years many red lipstick,but I never found the right red. I've always wanted a bright red, very red, not dark, not pink...
Has this colour some special name?
Can you please recommend me any brand or number of lipstick in particular?
Thanks :)

Mac Ruby woo!!!!!

Russian Red for something a little more blue based.

Saturday Mar 3 @ 08:15pm
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